To Marmol Freight Corp.
For over 10 years we have made it our top priority to ensure that all customer needs are met, by always holding a very close work relationship with each individual customer and interchanging feedback of all services provided.
Our company is fully insured, with all the necessary permits required for safe & legal transportation of freight -locally in Florida.
Only experienced, dedicated & honest drivers are hired to handle our customer's freight.
All truckers are required to hold and maintain a clean CDL driver's license as well as port ID badges -necessary for shipside deliveries.
Close focus is kept on special training available for the entire personnel, to ensure everyone is in conformance with any new requirements or implementations within the trucking industry.
Immediate and direct communication always available with all the drivers through dispatch and management.
Permits/Registrations available:
      Port Permits/ID badges (MIA-PEV-WPB)
      Bonded Common Carrier
      DOT Registered
      Alcohol & Drug Random Testing Program (required by DOT)
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